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New Web Site "Culture in the Caribbean" Launched to Promote the Region's Rich Heritage






Mariella Moresco Fornasier, director of presents
the portal to the international press


A new web site has been launched on culture in the Caribbean created by Cuban artists and intellectuals and foreigners interested in the region's roots and traditions. The web page  was designed by the Imago Mundi Cultural Association of Milan, Italy with the objective of promoting the richness of Caribbean culture in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

A wide range of themes are available for those interested in learning about the variety of scientific production and artistic and natural resources offered by the region. According to the sponsors, visitors to the web site can access the Internet and learn about cultural events in the Caribbean including international festivals, carnivals, literature and music.
The new web page will also be useful for university students as it contains historic and socio-economic information of the region, in addition to courses, addresses and cultural exchange centers.

An important aspect of the web site is to bring genuine information about the history and everyday life of the Caribbean to all those interested in learning about the true Caribbean identity. 
  Santiago de Cuba, July 14 (RHC)



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